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Tuesday, 13. January 2004
<% layout.image %>


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Fonts and colors

Using the layout handler to define colors everywhere in your skins makes changing the appearance of your site according to the four seasons a piece of cake. Use the following macros to refer to the color values as set in your layout preferences:

<% layout.bgcolor %>
<% layout.textcolor %>
<% layout.titlecolor %>
<% layout.linkcolor %>
<% layout.alinkcolor %>
<% layout.vlinkcolor %>
<% layout.smallcolor %>

please note that you do not have to care about whether the color value is a string or a hexadecimal number. antville will add a hash (#) whenever it is necessary.

not enough, there are macros for fonts and font sizes, too. every font definition in the preferences can be expressed by an appropriate macro:

<% layout.textfont %>
<% layout.textsize %>
<% layout.titlefont %>
<% layout.titlesize %>
<% layout.smallfont %>
<% layout.smallsize %>

certainly, you have to include the color and font macros at the right place, ie. inside a valid html tag or a correct cascading style sheet definition.

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Saturday, 11. January 2003
<% comment.replylink %>

This macro displays a link to the comments's reply form. To override the default action the "to" parameter can be set, e.g. if you want to provide the reply form directly below the comment:

<% comment.replylink to="#replies" %>

The "text" parameter is available to set a custom link text:

<% comment.replylink text="place your reply" %>

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<% comment.comments %>

This macro lists all of the replied comments once added to a comment. There are no options available for this macro. The layout of each comment is determined by the corresponding comment skin.

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<% comment.commentform %>

This macro displays the form for creating a new reply to a comment. If the user is not logged in only a link will be displayed. The default link text can be customized using the text parameter:

<% comment.commentform text="login to add your reply" ;

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