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<% imagelist %>

This macro takes a defineable number of images out of the image pool (beginning with the latest one) and displays them as a list, where each item either appears as fullsize-image or thumbnail (which itselft can link to the fullsize-image either in the same browser window or in a popup). To choose what the macro should display use the attribute as

<% imagelist as="popup" %>
<% imagelist as="thumbnail" %>

Omitting as will result in a list of fullsize images. If you choose "popup" or "thumbnail" and one of the images in the imagepool doesn't contain a thumbnail (i.e. because the image-width is smaller than 100px) the macro will ignore the image and proceed with the next one having a thumbnail. Similar to the ubiquitous macro-attributes "prefix" and "suffix" you can also define itemprefix and itemsuffix which will be places before and after each image in the list.

<% imagelist as="popup" itemsuffix="<br />" %>

You can also use the attribute linkto which will force the macro to link every item to the URL you specified. And of course you can limit the number of items:

<% imagelist limit="1" prefix="this is my newest one:" linkto="" %>

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image thumbnails

As you probably know, antville is capable to automatically create a thumbnail for an uploaded image.

The thumbnail-macro works similar to the image macro, but it will display an image's thumbnail. So if you place

<% image name="thumbsup" as="thumbnail" %>

i.e. in a story or comment, antville will display

Thumbs up!

The nice thing of this macro is that it also automatically creates a link to the full-size image.

If you should should be one of the few people who really believe pop-up windows are a neat thing you can have this feature, too (exceptionally, that is):

<% image name="thumbsup" as="popup" %>

The result looks just like the one before except when you click on the thumbnail a new window will pop open:

Thumbs up!

(Please be aware that if you modify the function openPopup() in the javascript-skin of your site the link might be disfunctional).

Of course you can override the default-link (to the popup-window) with a custom one, just add the linkto-option like this:

<% image name="thumbsup" as="thumbnail" linkto="" %>

All the other available options of the thumbnail-macro are the same as for the image macro.

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<% image %>

Placing an image somewhere in a story, a skin or comment is pretty easy in antville: just use i.e.

<% image name="thumbsup" %>, and antville will insert the image:

Thumbs up!

Of course, to use this you will have to upload the image before, otherwise antville won't find anything. But don't worry, if you specify an image-name that does not exist, antville won't annoy you with an error message, it will simply display nothing.
You don't need to type the macro by yourselft, antville will also display the simple code needed to insert an image in the list of the imagepool. But you can do more:
You can also create image-links by using the following option:
<% image name="thumbsup" linkto="" %>

or also

<% image name="thumbsup" linkto="main" %>.
The first image will link to antville's frontpage, the target of the second one depends on where you placed the image-macro: if you placed it in a story, this image will link to the story itself, if you put it into the basic layout-skin of your weblog, it will point to the frontpage of your weblog.
The funny thing with the image-macro is that you can also embed images in your weblog that were uploaded in another one (some call this violation of intellectual property rights ...): i.e.
<% image name="project/ibrake" %>

will display this:

(this image was uploaded in project antville ...) But how can one find out the image-name? Simply right-click on the image and have a look at the filename: the portion between the last slash and the point is the name, so just use it. Of course your "pirated" image will disappear if it is deleted in the other weblog (after all you didn't copy it, you just told antville to create the appropriate image-tag).

In a similar way you can place one of the standard images of antville somewhere in your weblog. So to use the image that creates the neat pixel-line on the right, simply use <% image name="/dot" %>, which results in

So an image-name beginning with a slash will tell antville to search in the default image-pool. Of course you can also use the image-macro to embed one of the antville-logo buttons, but we added a special macro called logo for that (simply because these logos will automatically link to

Antville knows about the width and height of an image, but you can overrule that by using standard-html-options, i.e. specify a fixed width and height of the image. <% image name=thumbsup width=100 height=100 %> will downsize the above image. In the same way you can override the alternate text of an image (which should have been defined during upload) by adding alt="my new alttext" inside the macro-tag. And <% image name="thumbsup" border="3" %> will surround the image with a border (in this case with 3px width).

In the same way you can specify the (horizontal and vertical) alignment of an image, i.e. <% image name="thumbsup" align="right" valign="bottom" %> would align the image to the bottom right corner.

Antville is also capable to automatically create thumbnails of an image which you also can place in a skin, story or comment (and antville will automatically create a link to a popup that displays the image in full size).

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