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<% story.commentlink %> and <% comment.commentlink %>

This macro displays a link to the story's comment form or the one of a comment's reply, resp. To override the default action the "to" parameter can be set, e.g. if you want to provide the comment form directly below the story:

<% story.commentlink to="#comments" %>
<% comment.commentlink to="#replies" %>

The "text" parameter is available to set a custom link text:

<% story.commentlink text="place your comment" %><% story.commentlink text="place your reply" %>

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<% story.viewlink %>

Use this macro to display a link to the full view of a story. The text parameter enables you to customize the default link text:

<% story.viewlink text="view the whole story" %>

With the image parameter you also can display an appropriate image as eye-catcher for the view action:

<% story.viewlink image="viewbutton" %>

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<% story.topicchooser %>

This macro simply renders a drop-down box containing the currently available topic names for selection. There are no options available.

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<% story.onlinelink %> and <% comment.onlinelink %>

Use this macro to display a link to toggle the story's online state:

<% story.onlinelink mode="toggle" %>

With the image parameter you also can display an appropriate image as eye-catcher for the action:

<% story.onlinelink mode="toggle" image="onlinebutton" %>

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<% story.editlink %> and <% comment.editlink %>

Use this macro to display a link to the story's (or comment's, resp.) edit form. The text parameter enables you to customize the default link text:

<% story.editlink text="edit this story" %>
<% comment.editlink text="edit this comment" %>

With the image parameter you also can display an appropriate image as eye-catcher for the edit action:

<% story.editlink image="editbutton" %>
<% comment.editlink image="editbutton" %>

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Was suchen Sie denn
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the question didn't get answered ;) how can we...
by schimmerschnecke (1/31/06 1:02 AM)

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