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Monday, 6. May 2002
<% story.createtime %>

this macro displays the create time of a story. while this might sound not too interesting in general, there is an exciting twist that can enhance your weblog to obtain scheduling capabilities.

if you add the parameter as="editor" to this macro and put the whole thing into the "form for creating/editing a story" skin, a new input field will appear whenever you create or edit a story:

<% story.createtime as="editor" %>

by default, the new field contains the current date (ie. the date and time when you activated the link to the form). but you can modify the contents to give your story a date lying in the very past or future.

For all the other options you can use within this macro see date and time (and how to format them)

If you add the option as="link" the formatted create time of the story will appear as link to the appropriate day-listing, but only if you published the story in the weblog. If your story was published just in a topic it won't appear as link, just as plain text (the same will happen if the story is offline, of course).

<% story.createtime as="link" %>

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lovely :-)

just what I needed to integrate some very old stories.
I like it! thxs!

(only thing I still miss is the option to delete weblogs - yes I know: this is coming soon ;-))

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please implement warning "date-format"

you get nasty errors, inserting dates in wrong format. this comes up to the point, that the whole calendar does not work properly. Can you implement a warning, when the date-format has been entered incorrect?

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What kind of nasty errors?

We probably can't fix problems like this where users type in funny dates, except maybe by providing a date editor based on drop down lists.
The fact that you get an ugly error page when entering an invalid date is just a temporary inconvenience here on which has been fixed in the current code base already.

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nasty errors like this:

Error in application 'antville':
Runtime error Error in java method parse
Caused by exception:
Unparseable date: "4 August"
java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "4 August"
at java.text.DateFormat.parse

.... following 2 pages

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Date Editor would be great!

hns wrote: "except maybe by providing a date editor based on drop down lists. " That's the way!

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and mozilla?

this macro doesn´t work with mozilla, right? the input field does not appear.

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